St Anthony Stores

St Anthony Stores is a 3rd generation family business first established by Mary Mullins who moved the business from Grattan Street around the corner to its new premises on Liberty Street, Cork in 1952.

Located across the road from St. Francis Church on Liberty Street, St. Anthony Stores was originally a grocer shop. In 1953 when the new St. Francis Church was nearing completion, replacing the old church which had stood at Broad’s Lane since 1831 on the corner of Grattan St and Liberty St. The Guardian at that time approached Mary Mullins and asked if she would stock religious goods in support of the new church and she duly did, since that time a strong symmetric relationship has existed between the two organisations. St Anthony Stores has since been considered synonymous with supplying all forms of religious goods & artefacts, Mass cards & Candles to the greater Cork public, so much so that the shop is affectionately refereed to locally as “The Holy Shop”.

In 2009 catastrophic flooding occurred in Cork city, particularly on the western side of the city. Nearer the centre of the city the flooding saw a breach of the old river wall at Grenville Place / Prospect row and badly affected the Old Marsh area including Sheares Street, Grattan Street and Liberty Street, with many homes and premises’ experiencing flooding for the very first time.

During the flooding St Anthony Stores experienced up to 2 ft of flood water, after the flooding subsided and the clear up began the shop underwent a refit and with investment allowed for older sections of the premises, which had been closed for many years to be reopened. Increased space allowed for expansion of the great range of products we carry and also the addition of new product lines, such as Christening Candles & Gifts, Wedding Candles and an expansion of our Grave Ornaments, Grave Candles and other Card & product ranges, this has allowed us to maintain our proud reputation of stocking a full range of quality products and providing continuing friendly service to the people of Cork.

St Francis Church, situated across the road from St Anthony Stores, is built of red brick in the Byzantine style. The Church’s interior is one of the most magnificent of any church in Cork, spacious, full of light and decorated with beautiful mosaics. Umberto Noni, an Italian artist, designed much of the artwork. Commendatore Tullio Monticelli executed the designs of Noni.